Serendipity Center Annual Report
Serendipity Center Annual Report

Shown here is the 2009-2010 Annual Report for Serendipity Center, a Portland, Oregon area private school. As a therapeutic school, Serendipity provides a safe and supportive learning environment in which students develop and practice the skills to be independent and contributing members of their community. The School's logo tagline "Helping the Pieces Fit" was the theme for the Annual Report.

Television Networks
Ovation TV Magazine

The Learning Channel as well as OVATION-The Arts Network have utilized our design talents and publication expertise in literally hundreds of print works over the years. From postcards and ads to magazines, media kits and signage, designs are always distinctive.


Toshiba's high-end line of HD LED displays demanded a creative look for their products brochure, individual product one-sheets as well as ads and banners. The look had to be just right and the technical data easy to extract for Toshiba's vast audience. Our design print work has been in use by Toshiba for many years.

The Football Lab
The Football Lab

As a leading source for youth and high school football player training, The Football Lab needed print materials to market their camps, clinics and tournaments as well as their website. Shown are a couple of their self-mailer brochures.

Business Card Development
Business Card Development

From standard card types to unique shapes, textures, inks, and sizes, we can design, print, and deliver in short notice.

Full Print Suites
Rockett Drumworks, Inc.

Rockett Drumworks had us design and deliver branded tri-fold brochures, a suite of business cards, and drumset hanging tags in under 72 hours.


  1. Brands are about your customers, not you.
  2. If your brand is wrong, then so is everything else.
  3. Branding gets right to your customer's hearts. Advertising captures their minds.
  4. Build your business from your strengths.
  5. If you can't articulate the benefits of your business, neither can your customers.
  6. The success of your brand varies directly with your ability to accept the role of leadership.
  7. The stronger your brand, the less susceptible you are to pricing issues and competition.
  8. Your brand begins in your business plan. Do you have one?
  9. Advertising is NOT branding. Branding is branding. Advertising raises awareness of the brand you create.
  10. There is no such thing as co-branding.

- Rob Frankel