Our strong belief is that a unique and stylish project has a much better chance of becoming successful and will be a memorable experience for visitors in a modern-day world over-saturated with information. Your image on the Web becomes a part of our image. When you make a decision to work with us, you get an experienced and powerful ally, interested in the results of the project. We strive to get a feel for your individual tastes to create an impressive style exclusively for them.


We can handle the array of professional business branding services: Logo Design, Printed Marketing Materials Design for Brochures, Sales Folders, Tradeshow Booths, Signs, Product and Media Packaging, and more.

We have close ties to printers everywhere, so we’ll create your beautiful design, have it printed and get it delivered to your doorstep.


Your online presence can be enhanced greatly through the use of social media and search engine marketing.

Contact us to have our SEO gurus to help with your online campaigns!  We’ll stack him against anyone to get you sailing above the competition.

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What Makes Us Different?

A majority of people choose to work with us because they’ve had negative experiences with Web shops in the past. We care about the customer as people. Their business is our business, and we have relied exclusively on word-of-mouth advertising to build our business in the quiet suburb of Oregon City, Oregon… just a bike ride from Portland.

Unlike pricy design firms, Silver Lining Media will build a professional website that represents your business in the best possible way, and can either make adjustments to your business site for you, or train you to maintain your site without needing to know how to “code”.

We can work out maintenance schedules for you, building in security and enhancement features when needed, and can perform valuable search engine “hooks” to help your business index well online.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

Kevin, thank you so much for the amazing work on my site. As always, you met my deadline, and came in under budget, so I can’t thank you enough. My clients love the look of the site, and that’s exactly what I was hoping for.

Dan Pred - Videographer

Kevin Rankin is totally awesome to work with from concept to final product. When I approached Kevin about my first website that he would build, he took the basic concepts I was asking for and made them a reality. We worked together to get all the details worked out and make it a site that was beautiful to look at and user friendly. It was a foregone conclusion to work with Kevin on my personal website. Thanks, Kevin, for the hard work and dedication to your craft.

Brandon Cook - client

I have worked with Kevin Rankin and his company Silver Lining Media for many years. Kevin is exceptionally talented and dedicated to making and keeping his clients happy.  He is very easy to work with and incredibly responsive. When it comes to Web development, he is my “go-to” guy, without question. I highly recommend Silver Lining Media for all things Web.

Tom Trussell - Graphic Designer